Orsay Karnga-Gbaa


Orsay Karnga-Gbaa, is a God fearing, down to earth, loving and kind woman whose mission is to make sure all artists are treated equally and given all the necessary tools to make them successful. Her passion and love for African gospel music is amazing. She spends most of her time promoting, supporting, encouraging, mentoring and transforming the lives of every artist she meets. Her smile is very welcoming, and she is always willing and available when you call upon her. You will find her at almost every program making sure everything is in order or as the MC for most programs.

Emmanuel Garpue Taylor

Vice President

“Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He had redeemed from the hand of the enemy” – Psalm 107:2.

Our Vice President is a very hard working, energetic, always ready to work kind of guy. His drive to unite artists and make their ministry successful is awesome. He spends most of his time reaching out to recruit new members or checking on current members. He is a worshipper and loves the Lord.

Conduct Sirleaf


Our Secretary is very soft spoken and has the passion to cook and feed anyone who comes her way. she’s a loving mother, an awesome worshiper and is always willing to go out of her way to support and move FOAGA to another level.

Abraham Gibson


our PRO is someone who passion is helping disadvantage people and has a big heart to give back and support everyone. He started of as an artist, but has now advanced to producing music, videography and some other hobbies. He’s the founder for the Gibson Cares Foundation and is currently working on his project to build a technical school in Liberia. He’s the guy we called on the most when we need to get odd jobs done asap.

Thomas Duoe, Sr.


Our Treasure is a cool, layback, easy going guy, but don’t let that easy-going attitude fool you. He’s a hard worker, go getter, and is always very passionate about what he does. He’s often found promoting his wife in her ministry and making sure that all is well. He loves to play soccer and he’s a powerful worshiper.

Wahday Juaquee-Financial


Our financial secretary is known as the bill collector in the group. She is always making sure that members are caught up in paying their dues, making sure that we present our budget for each program so that it’s not last minute and is know for the slogan “Jesus loves cashapp.” she is also known as the Grebo queen of FOAGA.

Stacious Rose Smith

Program Director

Our Program director is a powerful worshipper, and her passion is to help shape the lives of other artists by teaching and mentoring them. She’s a mother of 3 beautiful girls, and the owner of Rose’s Hair and Braiding Salone in Colorado. She’s always making sure programs are in order, and her attention to detail is always a big help in making each program a successful one.
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Torpue Dikenah

Membership Coordinator

Our Membership Coordinator is known as the no nonsense, hardworking, always ready to flow kind of lady. She loves to get things done with no delay. She’s one of the most passionate Praise leaders of our times. She’s known as the black diamond of the group and is willing and available to work whenever she’s called upon.

Caroline Muthoka

Assistant Membership Coordinator

Our asst. coordinator is a survivor of the US Embassy bombing in Kenya in 1998. Her mission is to teach and spread peace in the world. She’s passionate about her music and is always willing to minister when she’s called upon. She’s a loving mother, and the owner of her a Home Care agency.

Jerolyn Verdier

Promotions Manager

Our promotion manager is a woman whose ministry supports all artists whether you are a FOAGA, member or not. She has the passion and drive to make sure that all programs are being advertise and promoting the artist music on her Facebook live plateform. You will often hear these words when you are tune in to Kingdom Builders, “live from SW Philly it’s your girl J-Lyn. Jesus lives in Philly.” She is a loving mother who is always there to support her kids in whatever they do and same for all artist that crosses her path.