Project Description

Mamie Essay Paye is a gospel singer and song writer.  Growing up in Nimba County, Liberia, West Africa, Mamie love singing and became a member of her church mass choir.  When she moved to the USA, she later joined her church praise and worship team in 2005, in Philadelphia, PA.

Even though Mamie was singing at an early age, she did not have the confidence to be a music minister or an artist.  Her confidence grew when the Lord started to reveal things to her through dreams.  Mamie became afraid and weary of going to church due to her being mock for narrating her dreams.  Her self-confidence grew when her 9 years old son was led to Christ and started preaching as a child pastor and she was amazed that the kid she held by the hand and took to church was now preaching the gospel.  It give her the courage and she began to continue and thus her music career began.

Mamie begin to write songs based on these songs being administer to her through dreams by Christ.  She then understood that she was being called by the Holy Spirit to become a gospel minister.  She released her 1st album “You can make it” on July of 2014.  Mamie was also awarded the New artist of the year award in 2015 by, The Fellowship of African Gospel Artists. (FOAGA).  Mamie was also recognized by the Boe-Settorwon Development Association in 2016.  Mamie currently reside in Philadelphia, PA and is focusing on writing more songs and putting out more albums.